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It’s March the 12th 2011 and a bit windy but the Sun is shining and the temperature is comfortable, like early spring. I praise Yahweh, joy abounds in my heart as I consider his creation and his loving kindness. April 2 will be my 72nd birthday and I praise Yahweh for being so patient with me. Having some small appreciation as to the complexity of energy, matter, gravity and time. Can you begin to imagine an existence without time. I confess, I really can’t. Even without this little bit of knowledge, I would find creation ever so awesome. I hope you enjoy the same pleasure.

It’s wonderful to have escaped from the clutches of the traditions of our more recent parents and culture. I would have, that I should have, been more worthy of greater light, earlier. Yet, I know that Yahweh’s wisdom for me is above my understanding. I rest with faith in his purpose for my life. I feel that I haven’t been a very good steward of my time among the mortals. I try not to pass judgment. We are understood, even known by name, HalleluYah. We are known and there has been a judgment passed and an execution of that judgment. We function under this judgment and achieve what we will. Yahweh is fair, not a respecter of persons. Then, why is ther such diverse and large differences between each of our circumstances? Herein, lays a mystery for many of us. Yahweh does not need to discover where we should be placed, how we will behave, or if we can be trusted in exercising the work of expanding the Universe. We are of such importance to him that he affords us this experience between mortal life and the resurrection. All of this is allowed so we would have no doubt in regards to Yahushua’s (J-sus’) judgment of us. It would appear to me that we, mankind or spirits, Yahweh’s children, needed to be taught by being humbled, weaken and put in a position or sphere of existence which would bring home our total dependance on Yahweh and the need for a oneness of unity through obedience. Establish our willingness, yes our determination to be obedient in safe guarding the order of the universe. After all, we are his spirit children. Do we not all have the same Father, the Father of all spirits? So, it is written.

Men have labored under the influence of Satan ever since the garden of Eden, seeking to destroy Yahweh’s (G-d’s) creation. Man’s potential is such that the Universe, and it’s many members long for the accomplishment of that great purpose. Each of us will realize the purpose for which this sphere of existence has been provide. Depending on your perspective, it is unfortunate or fortunate, in so far, as there will be different rewards for having put on this tabernacle of flesh. It is written that the resurrection of mankind will receive glory which is likened to the glory of the Sun for some, the glory of the Moon for others and the glory of the Stars for a host of us. The sons of perdition and their reward is not yet made clear to me. All mankind will be resurrected with incorruptible bodies. This is of some comfort to me. It is written that every tongue will confess and ever knee will bend before Yahushua. This suggests to me that we will all arrive at a state of reconciliation with Yahweh.

Yahweh is a self existent one. This is what Yahweh’s name means. Have you ever known a Father without there haven been a Mother? A subject for another time

If you are a reader of scripture from the bible, then you may remember, Yahushua (J-sus) said that he was going to his Father, and our Father, his Elohim (G-d) and our Elohim. It is written that Yahweh is the Father of all spirits. Yahushua also said that Yahweh his Father was greater than himself and that he performed only Yahweh’s will, not his own. Yahushua claims that he received or inherited everything that was the Father’s. So, it is understood by some, that Yahushua has become like his Father. Having taken on the Father’s name, nature, his attributes, his purpose, yes, even a oneness of complete unity. Paul, the apostle said that whenYahushua returns, the believers will be like him. But, he acknowledges, we do not know what we shall be. If Yahushua is one with Yahweh and we are like Yahushua’s and also one in unity with him and therefore, one with Yahweh, what more could anyone hope for? Now this may seem to be heresy but this is according to scripture. In times past, heresy was punish by the pains of death. Can you believe the reason they killed Yahushua (J-sus) our Messiah. Yahweh vocalized his Father, Yahweh’s name which was considered blasphemous and worthy of death. Such has been the religious tyranny of the theocracys.

Honestly, ever single thing in our lives is provided by Yahweh our Eternal Heavenly Father.. Yahweh sustains each and every breath, he gives us that which will serve our greatest good. When you look around and observe the lives of our fellow beings, you may find it difficult, even impossible to imagine that all the imagined misfortune that you see could possibly serve any good purpose. Such observations surely provokes questions. It is also written that, “Anyone who lacks wisdom, let him ask of Yahweh who gives liberally and punishes not for asking.” His messenger or angel may come in the form of a supernatural entity, friend, preacher or a stranger. Then again, your bible may provide the answer when prayerfully read. Stay alert, be open and anticipating receiving your prayerful request.

It has been written that Yahweh’s purpose is to bring about the immortality and eternal life of mankind. I certainly believe this without any reservation. The meaning and therefore description of immortal life and eternal life needs to be explained and understood. I am not moved to get into this particular subject at this time, perhaps another time, should it be Yahweh’s will.

Yahweh is in control and there has never been a time when he was not in control. The fall of man through Adam and Eve was not a failure for Yahweh, heaven forbid, all thing are pre-ordained and known. Don’t be angry with Adam and Eve, they fulfilled Yahweh’s purpose. Their agency was not impaired in bring about Yahweh’s purpose. Yes, no surprises for Yahweh. Satan is an enthusiastic participant in the Father’s plan for bring about human kinds potential. You don’t think for a minute that he wasn’t a known and necessary part of man’s needed experience in this sphere of existence?

I hope this has been interesting. I realize that my ability with the written word is weak and labored.

Prayerfully I leave this in the name of Yahushua and in the service of Yahweh. Salvation is not of the Law, but it is not done away with, nor can it be as long as the earth stands without it’s change. Salvation comes by the gift of Yahweh’s only mortal Son, Yahushua. I testify that he lives and works even now for our good, HalleluYah.

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