About the Preacher

It pleases the Preacher to regard himself as an unworthy disciple of Jesus Christ. He was born in the late thirties in the hills of Kentucky. The Preacher’s parents suffered from the lack of education. Earning a living and managing the responsibilities of rearing a family was a difficult challenge. Jesus was not unfortunately at the helm. The Preacher loved and loves his family. He has witness so much unhappiness because of selfishness and ignorance. Some relatives having had better understanding would shared their belief in the Lord. The Preacher’s Great Uncle Alvin gave him his first bible. Dave Barlow was such a kind and caring Sunday school teacher. The Preacher was baptized at the age of twelve into the Southern Baptist Church.

If the Preacher were privileged to know your life’s story, what would he say? Brother or Sister, how marvelous God has been to manifested his unequaled love for you. The Preacher reflecting on his own life is amazed, even astonished at the demonstration of patience, tender love and care. There are a lot of stories he might share, not at this particular time however. Miracles still take place on a regular basis among the living. If you are hurting, it may not seem to ring true. Remember, who needs the physician. Those of us who need to overcome our hurt.

The main thing the Preacher wants you to know. Is simply that he has not qualified by any worldly learning to preach about the things of the kingdom of God. God has revealed and continues to reveal undeniable truths. Should you be deceived by the Devil, how will you know? God alone can help you escape. Humble yourself and pray always. He will hear us. That is his promise.

The Preacher bares his witness that Jesus the Christ has been raised and lives to direct the affairs of the kingdom of God. All who have ever lived or will live shall have immortal bodies because of the willing sacrifice made on the cross by Jesus, our Messiah for all. There is a power in the world by which men may overcome evil. The administrator of that power is the Holy Ghost. Angels are even now active at ministering to those called and drawn to participate in the first resurrection.

1 Corinthians 15:22   For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

Notice, no conditions are spelled out because there are none. This verse gives me a great deal of comfort. I hope it does for you as well. We are all without doubt sinners. Let us pray often that God should soften our hearts. Let us help one another find unity in his kingdom while we yet breath. May all glory and honor be to our Heavenly Father, his only begotten mortal son, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Ghost!

Birth place of the Preacher

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